Constitutional Amendments Proposed

Notice is hereby given of a proposal to amend the Constitution of the Isle of Man Basketball Association. Under the terms of Article XXXII of the Constitution of the Isle of Man Basketball Association, an exceptional motion to amend the constitution was proposed and duly passed by unanimous vote at the Executive Committee Meeting of 19th February 2024.

Members now have a period of 28 calendar days, concluding on Tuesday 9th April 2024, to object to the proposed amendments. Any objection to the exceptional motion to amend the Constitution must be made by not less than 10% of the membership of the Association as at Tuesday 12th March 2024. If no objections are received on or before Tuesday 9th April 2024, or if such objections do not total 10% of the Membership of the Association, then the exceptional motion to amend the Constitution will be duly carried and the new Constitution will come into effect.

Details of the amendments are as follows:

  • Removal of references and articles related to the “Basketball Officials Council of Mann”
  • Adjustments to dates and deadlines pretaining to General Meetings of the Membership, election of the Committee and reporting of accounts
  • Removal of references to specific tournaments or leagues
  • Clarification of wording to differentiate between individual Association Membership Fees and team league subscription fees
  • Clarifications of roles and responsibilities of members of the Executive Committee

The full text of the amended constitution is available for the review of members here:

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