The latest round of the basketball league featured a hard fought contest between Hoops and Turkeys as both teams vied for their first win of the season. It was Turkeys who took the initiative, opening with a 3-pointer from Chris Wolfendale followed by solid mid-range shooting by Paul Ellison and layups from Wig Bregazzi. Hoops had a more difficult start, creating some opportunities with solid offensive movement but finding it hard to convert. Becky Dunne and Daniella Kravela picked up a few points through the quarter but it was scant relief as Turkeys took the lead, 19-8 at the end of the first.

The second quarter painted a similar picture, Turkeys running their set offence to bank points as Wolfendale and Bregazzi were joined on the scoresheet by big man Peter Quirk. Hoops continued to run a solid offence as well but again struggled to convert. They did manage to find more success as the quarter wore on, Kravela again hitting some nice mid-range shots while Gemma Kirkham worked the key to pickup rebounds and baskets. Turkeys retained a solid lead going into the half, 33-20, but it seemed Hoops were picking up momentum.

Danielle Murphy continued the momentum for Hoops, opening the third quarter strong with a quick basket from the inbounds which started an explosive performance that blew the game wide open. Turkeys continued to execute their set play, running the ball through the post and setting up some quick cuts and swings, but Hoops were wise to the pattern and picked up steals and intercepts as they anticipated the movement. This set them on course for a series of swift returns down the court which they converted with deadly efficiency. Murphy, Dunne and Kravela all featured again soon Turkeys were well and truly on the back foot. A fast break from Wolfendale in the closing minutes kept Turkeys up but there had been a 10-point swing and now Hoops were hot on Turkeys heels, 40-37.

Hoops opened the final quarter with a quick mid-range that brought the game to within a single point. Turkeys replied with some quick breaks by Bregazzi that helped to keep them ahead but it stayed close into the dying minutes. It was the speed of the break that proved to be the difference in those final minutes. Solid defensive boards and fast outlets by Turkeys allowed them to catch Hoops in transition and Wolfendale racked up 7-points in the final two minutes that sealed the game. Hoops fought to the end, Oksana Fedorovych adding to the tally, but it was Turkeys who won out the day, 61-45 at the buzzer.

The second game of the evening saw an initially close match between Jets and Ravens as the latter piled on defensive pressure from the outset. Jets were caught off guard by the energetic Ravens as Matthew Jones and Vannin Coulter were quick down the court to hold the teams neck and neck. The pace and intensity of Ravens kept them ahead and they took a slender lead, 21-24, at the end of the first. Jets found their form in the opening minutes of the second though, and built a solid lead by half time which they extended through the second half. Ravens managed some momentum in the final quarter but it wasn’t enough to change the result, Jets notching up another win, 94-63.

The final game of the evening saw a solid win for an on-form Wolves who managed to disrupt Cavaliers with a full-court press and effective offensive movement. Outside shooting from Ross Wilson and Ben Campbell was coupled at the mid-range by Harry Brindle and Michael Pardoe, which kept Wolves ahead throughout. Cavaliers sought opportunities with a few set plays as Phil Evans, Daniel Dunajewski and Mike Lewis picked up points. Wolves stayed the course to the end though taking the game 62-37 at the final whistle.

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