New Season starts with triple whammy

The Isle of Man Basketball Association 2023/24 Senior League commenced on a thrilling note with an action-packed opening night that featured three intense matchups. Hoops squared off against Cavaliers at 19:00, Wolves battled Ravens at 20:30, and Turkeys faced Jets in an exciting showdown.

Hoops vs Cavaliers:

In the Hoops vs. Cavaliers game, the first quarter saw Cavaliers take an early lead with a score of 13 to 8. The second quarter was closely contested, with Cavaliers maintaining their lead at 22 to 16. The third quarter proved decisive as Cavaliers surged ahead with a dominant 17-point performance, leaving Hoops trailing by 14 points. The final quarter saw Cavaliers solidify their lead, closing the game with a remarkable score of 65 to 34, emerging as the victors.

Turkeys vs Jets:

In the Turkeys vs. Jets matchup, the Jets established their dominance from the outset, finishing the first quarter with a significant lead of 22 to 10. They continued to extend their lead in the second quarter with a score of 37 to 10. Despite Turkeys’ efforts to catch up in the third quarter, Jets maintained control, ending the quarter 54 to 31. The final quarter witnessed a strong performance by the Jets, and they secured a convincing victory with a final score of 93 to 37.

Wolves vs Ravens:

The Wolves and Ravens game was the most closely contested of the night. In the first quarter, the Wolves narrowly led with a score of 13 to 12. The second quarter proved to be pivotal, as the Wolves further extended their lead with a score of 39 to 22. Despite a strong effort by the Ravens in the third quarter, the Wolves maintained a steady advantage at 53 to 38. In the final quarter, the Wolves secured their triumph with a final score of 70 to 44.

Overall, the opening night of the Isle of Man Basketball Association 2023/24 Senior League featured intense competition and showcased the high level of talent within the league. The thrilling games set the stage for an exciting season, with each team demonstrating their determination and prowess on the court. Fans can look forward to more captivating action in the games to come.

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