All to play for in penultimate games of the regular season

It’s all to play for at the NSC tonight (Thurs, 13/4) as teams vye for position and fight for their spot in the play-offs in the penultimate round of regular season games.

Top of the ticket is the highly anticipated match-up between Wolves and Forget Me Not Jets tipping off in the NSC Main Hall at 20:00. This game is crucial as the winner will take top spot on the league table and be the first seed in the play-offs which are due to commence on April 27th.

The two teams have met twice previously this season, with both games resulting in victories for the respective home team. On November 3rd 2022, the Jets secured a convincing 70-47 win over the Wolves. However, on February 23rd, the Wolves bounced back with an impressive 79-55 victory over the Jets. It’s clear that both teams will be eager to claim a decisive victory in this crucial game.

Wolves will be missing their top scorer, Viktor Capkanovski, who is on holiday this week. However, they still have some strong key players in Ross Wilson, Michael Pardoe, and Oscar Lace who will be crucial in their efforts to secure a win.

On the other hand, Jets will have to cope with the reduced capacity of key players Peter Boussougou and Jake Glover who are carrying injuries. Nevertheless, they will be counting on their remaining key players, Tom Dalton-Brown and PAul Kilic, to put in a solid performance and secure a win for the team.

It promises to be a closely contested match with both teams having their strengths and weaknesses. Basketball fans should expect an exciting and intense match with the result likely to go down to the wire.

At the same time Court 2 will play host to Hoops and Ravens, with both teams fighting for a must-win game to secure their place in the play-off finals. This is the third time these two teams will face each other this season, with one win each. The first encounter on November 17th 2022 was a nail-biting game, with Hoops claiming a 49-48 victory thanks to a last-second 3-point buzzer-beater. Ravens, however, bounced back with a dominant 71-43 win on March 16th 2023.

The key players for Hoops are Becky Dunne, Lauren Ellison, and Danielle Murphy. Dunne has been the leading scorer for Hoops throughout the season, averaging 18 points per game, while Ellison and Murphy have also been crucial to their success, contributing 12 and 10 points per game respectively. For Ravens, Cormac Ewan, Matthew Jones, and Vannin Coulter are the key players. Ewan has been averaging 17 points per game, while Jones and Coulter have contributed 12 and 11 points per game respectively.

The game is expected to be a closely contested battle, with both teams playing with high intensity and passion. Hoops will be looking to build on their momentum from their previous win against Ravens, while Ravens will be seeking revenge and redemption.

Fans can expect an exciting game with both teams playing their hearts out in a bid to secure a spot in the play-off finals. The game promises to be an entertaining and exhilarating match-up between two determined teams, with everything on the line.

Meanwhile, tipping off at 18:00, the early game promises to be a thrilling match between MicroGaming Cavaliers and Turkeys, two old rivals who have both been in the league for several years. The stakes are high, with the Turkeys needing a win to secure a spot in the play-offs, while the Cavaliers have already secured their place.

The Cavaliers have had a decent season, with some solid performances from key players such as Dave Minay, Lez Winnicki, and Sergio Arboleya. They will be hoping to continue their form in this match and maintain their momentum going into the play-offs despite the loss of Arboleya, who left the island in recent weeks. With nothing much to play for, the Cavaliers could rest some of their key players to keep them fresh for the play-offs.

On the other hand, the Turkeys have had a more inconsistent season, but they still have a chance to make the play-offs. They will need to put in a strong performance in this game and rely on key players such as Chris Wolfendale and Dave Boyle to deliver the goods. A win here will be crucial for the Turkeys, and they will be highly motivated to claim the victory.

This game promises to be a tense and closely contested match, with both teams eager to come out on top. The rivalry between these two teams adds to the excitement of the game, and basketball fans can expect a thrilling encounter. With so much at stake for the Turkeys, they will be fighting hard to secure a place in the play-offs, while the Cavaliers will be looking to maintain their winning momentum. It’s sure to be an exciting game that fans won’t want to miss.

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